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This website will introduce you to the organization. The organization SpaceBioLab plans to establish a laboratory to do research to help to solve the biological problems humans and other organisms would encounter on an interstellar space flight and long-term space habitation. As soon the laboratory is established in the area of San Diego we want to start to work on the problem of growing vegetables and other food sources under microgravity conditions to sustain long-term missions and habitations isolated from earth. Another project will focus on the maintenance of the oxygenic atmosphere with biological components in small closed habitats like space ships.

Per scientia ad astra

Christoph Lahtz

Meet the Team

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Meet the team



SpaceBioLab is affiliated with the organization Icarus Interstellar

Goals of SpaceBioLab:
• The general goal of SpaceBioLab is to found and establish a local laboratory for performing research in the field of space science.
• After the basic lab is established, and volunteers are recruited, SpaceBioLab plans to do research in the field of space biology/exobiology and publishing the results in scientific journals. This includes research on the influence of microgravity, reduced gravity and non-earth like environments on plants, simple single and multi-cellular organisms.
• Research in Icarus Interstellar related projects.

SpaceBioBab is a scientific non-governmental organization with the goal

  • to establish research facilities to perform research in the field of space science to contribute scientific knowledge to support human space exploration and manned space travel,
  • to ignite the public’s interest and awareness of the importance of human space exploration and manned space travel,
  • and to engage with all those who are interested in human space exploration and manned space travel.


Biology in Space

In this blog post, I want to talk a bit about the highly interesting human long-term space habitation experiments and its influence on the genome and epigenome. The final data are not out yet but we got some pre-results we can be excited about. We live in an exciting era, the new space age.  Humankind …


If you want to contact me to help the organization the best way to contact me for right now is either one of the following ways.